'Yoga on 45th has such a comfortable atmosphere, no matter what your level. There are so many classes to choose from 7 days a week and the yoga instructors are knowledgable and friendly.' Geri

'I love that there is a yoga studio nearby my home that has instructors that are really dedicated. I also appreciate that your studio is not a "hot" yoga studio.' Thanks! Sandy

'The Trigger Point Massage Therapy offered here is life changing; I've suffered from back pain and sore muscles for years and she is helping me get myself back into tip top shape.' Highly recommend. Ellyn

'Allison has cured my plantar fasciitis! She is really knowledgable and experienced. She helping me realign my body, and I've never felt better. I am so thankful for her. She literally is my miracle. The studio is awesome with great instructors. I love the classes and the detailed instruction that you get. They really care about you and your practice. I highly recommend the studio and especially the Trigger Point Therapy. If you've had pain you can't get rid of you need to try this! I can't say enough about this place.' Amy

'Everyone is so pleasant and knowledgable and they make the classes enjoyable, along with making you feel comfortable.' Margueritte